Event report Your.Cloud Tech Tracks: Grow without growing in support and operations

Your.Cloud Tech Tracks is the event for all technical colleagues within the Your.Cloud companies to meet and learn about new technological developments. This edition was also the first edition organized under the new Your.Cloud banner. The theme of this edition was "Grow without growing in support and operations," focusing on innovation, automation and the use of smart technology to become even more productive.

Work smarter, not harder

Employees at Your.Cloud are driven and work extremely hard day in and day out to do the best for their customers. But how do you make sure we can give all customers the right attention, and not waste our time on things we can do smarter? In his opening, John Reynders, CEO of Your.Cloud, outlined a picture of the future in which we can make our customer contact even more human and personalized precisely through the use of technology. With the use of AI and automation tools, we can make the work easier for our people, so they spend less time solving problems and more time connecting with customers.

Innovating in high gear with Robert Doornbos

At an appropriately furious pace, Robert Doornbos took the audience into the world of Formula 1. He painted a picture of a sport that must constantly innovate, and in which the smallest optimization in a car, strategy or process, can make a world of difference on the track. To do so, he drew on his own experience and past and shared how the modern heroes of F1, in front of and behind the scenes, work as a team every day to achieve top performance. Central to this are the role of people and technology and how you can bring the mindset of this top sport into your own business.

Automation can be learned

Jaap de Koning took the audience into the world of PowerShell: in the right hands a brilliant tool to automate various processes and actions and thus make your daily work a little easier. But how exactly does it work? And what do you automate and what not? Especially for those who were less familiar with the possibilities of PowerShell, this session was an open invitation to experiment and test this powerful tool. And for the experienced automators a call to show their colleagues the way.

RMM Tools, helping the customer even better and faster

N-Able and Kaseya, two leading vendors of RMM tooling for MSPs, were invited to share their views on managing and maintaining customer environments. Using three case studies with common management tasks and questions, they showed how to solve these problems with their tools. This gave the colleagues present a great opportunity to ask questions directly about their most pressing challenges to these vendors and see a direct comparison between the different solutions.

To connect = to accelerate

Making connections with new colleagues is central to all Your.Cloud events. That’s why during Tech Tracks there was ample opportunity to meet colleagues from the various companies during dinner and drinks. With almost 150 participants from more than 20 companies present, there was more than enough opportunity to get new insights and ideas together and make new connections.

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