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Your Ground To Build Cloud Services



We unite teams of local builders who can realize and scale any cloud ambitions globally.

We are currently transitioning TSH and TICTS to the new Your.Cloud website.
If you want to learn more, for now please visit or
while we are building up this new platform.

How to turn something good, into something great

There is nothing more rewarding than to change something good, into something great. Unleashing the true potential of already successful ICT and MSP companies is what drives us and is the core of our business.

By unraveling the secrets of business successes, we know how to (re)position any ICT or MSP company stronger than before. Enabling them to continue their growth, expanding their business with a solid and clear focus. With proven concepts, know how, expertise, but also experience and financial resources, we offer successful ICT and MSP companies the chance to reach and unleash their true potential. We develop and deliver new skill sets to grow leadership, train management, educate staff and (re)discover new business perspectives.

  • Managed Services Providers
  • 24 Brands
  • Market Leaders
  • > 300m Annual Revenue
  • > 1200 Employees
  • > 7000 Customers

New business insights

We offer true entrepreneurs the opportunity to challenge their own existing business concept. By bringing bright minds together we create new illuminating business insights and opportunities for them.

We encourage collaborative and entrepreneurial behavior to boost our intercompany strategy and operational excellence. With best practices and exchange of knowhow, expertise and experience, we not only grow our companies, but also the talent and skill sets of all people involved. Regardless whether it is about leadership, (new) technology, marketing, operations, human resources or finance, in all areas we’re there to support them to develop their business successfully. Where we take care of none related business issues, they can focus on what’s important to push and improve customer intimacy and therewith their overall performance.

We don't invest. We participate.

External growth is not an objective in itself, we don't invest in a business lightly. No matter how successful, you must fit in with us. As a company and as a person/entrepreneur. Besides numbers, the DNA of a company is therefore just as important.

We've managed to connect and unite an already exceptional collection of outstanding ICT companies and Managed Services Providers. Solid businesses with an unprecedented bright future and business perspective. Companies, but also its people who add and create true value for their clients. Relevant to their market(s), with the potential to grow and build a leading market position.

Touch base, contact us

In every entrepreneurial life, there comes a moment where you have to create time to look over your shoulder to touch base. What probably means that you'll need to slow down to find the answers to your questions that have been secretly on your mind for a long time already.

If that moment is now, then it's time to meet each other soon.