Build to last

Investing for the long term with a lasting commitment to you

We Build Your Lasting

We build great MSPs throughout Europe who can realize and scale ambitions and dreams.

The Leading European MSP Serial Acquirer

Your.Cloud offers true entrepreneurs the opportunity to challenge their own existing business concept. By unraveling the secrets of business successes, we know how to make any ICT or MSP company stronger than before. Enabling them to accelerate their growth and expand their business with a solid and clear focus. With proven concepts, knowhow, expertise, but also experience and financial resources, we offer successful ICT and MSP companies the chance to reach and unleash their true potential. We develop and deliver new skill sets to grow leadership, train management, educate staff and (re)discover new business perspectives.

  • >25 Your.Cloud companies

  • > 1350 fte Employees

  • > 3k Satisfied customers

  • >300 Mio Annual revenue


Our vision

Building the #1 premium Managed Service Provider in Europe

We help MSPs deliver premium ICT outsourcing which truly makes an impact by making their customers and their own employees more productive and keeping them secure.

We build businesses that last and we never stop building. Your.Cloud has a perpetual mindset: we will always keep trying to help grow, expand and improve your business. We invest for the long term and remain committed, to you.

Every business we help build is unique. We are here to nurture it and help it reach its fullest potential. Build to last is a call to action to our people, our companies and our leadership to always keep building a sustainable business, with a focus on the future.


We don’t just invest. We build.

There is always room for growth, but we don't invest lightly. It takes a shared mindset to join our family. We are dedicated, entrepreneurial and innovative. If you share that DNA with us, it's time to talk.


Sharing, learning and growing: together

On our journey we’ve managed to connect and unite an already exceptional group of outstanding MSPs. Each with a mindset of wanting to learn from each other, a willingness to experiment and with a relentless focus on delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.

We bring people and communities together to learn from each other, and share new insights and experiences that benefit our MSP family as a whole. That is how we build lasting businesses, together.

Shared values, shared goals

It is up to us to create a business environment in which everyone feels comfortable, secure and at home. Our main focus for that reason is to build and create solid teams that share common values, beliefs and objectives.

Another indispensable dimension we value deeply, is the ability to build on trust and respect. Our role as Your.Cloud is to ensure that all our businesses interconnect. That they grow and treasure the relationships with all teams within the group and that we support them where needed to secure their dreams, goals and targets.

Working at

There are always positions available at Your.Cloud companies, in many different roles and for any level of experience or expertise. It’s up to you explore all the opportunities available and seize the one that fits you like a tailored suit. Imagination is your only limitation. So join us or one of the great Your.Cloud companies!

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A part of Your.World

Proud to build the leading serial acquirer with a proven track record

Your.World consists of two Operating Groups, Your.Online and Your.Cloud, servicing distinct market segments. Both decentral buy-and-build platforms with focus on long term value creation. With dedicated M&A execution and sourcing teams, we have created scalable capital allocation based on diligent selection and conversion, resulting in an impressive acquisitive growth track-record.

Building updates

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TSH is now part of Your.World

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New chapter: Clear Mind becomes part of Total ICT Solutions

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TSH launching partner of Dutch Cybersecurity Assembly – 7 values for improving cybersecurity

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TICTS continues to grow in ICT and telecom for healthcare with FuTec acquisition

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TSH off to a flying start of 2024 with acquisition of KNNS & nxtoffice

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TSH accelerates with acquisition of Microsoft MSP Constant IT

New TSH brand for telecom & ICT companies TICTS gets off to a flying start with acquisition of Westers

Interview: New CEO of TSH, John Reynders, is infinitely ambitious

TSH attracts John Reynders as new CEO for growth ambition to European MSP market leader

TSH Brands customers communicate with greater certainty thanks to strategic partnership between TSH and Aangetekend

TSH expands in healthcare sector with strategic interest in Crystal ICT

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TSH takes strategic interest in Korton Group

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TSH is #1 Managed IT Provider in AETERNUS TOP-25

OfficeGrip attracts investor for further growth

ICT Concept is ready for new acquisitions to grow

Actacom joins TSH

Missing Piece attracts new investor for next phase in growth

DatacenterNext joins TSH and will continue to grow together with Vancis

NEH and Vancis join forces to form TSH