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Vancis is one of the market leaders in IT for healthcare, education and research, and Your.Cloud can help them maintain and expand that position.

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We are the premier Managed Cloud company! Every day, we assist organizations in unlocking the power of cloud computing by providing vision, strategy, and, of course, daily operations. We deliver and manage the entire technology stack, from the (multi)cloud layer to comprehensive application and data management. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years, with passion and conviction. We operate under the promise of always being innovative and forward-thinking.

You focus, we handle IT. Our aim is to relieve our clients by automating complex processes as much as possible and integrating business and IT into one effective flow. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best—their own core business! We operate in Azure, AWS, and in our Private and Shared Vancis Clouds. These are optimized VMware-based clouds designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines and containers as a high-performance, highly available SaaS cloud computing platform. At Vancis, we strive to be number 1 in everything we do.


Our motto is: We do it right, or we don’t do it at all!

Why Your.Cloud

Why does an entrepreneur choose to join Your.Cloud? What benefits did they see and experience? We asked them:

"From our inception we have always been a specialist in highly complex datacenter and compute environments. Now we can share that experience and our platform with other Your.Cloud companies."


Louis Hensen, Managing Director at Vancis: “Vancis has been a partner of Your.Cloud from the very beginning. This means we’ve witnessed its evolution into the MSP powerhouse it is today, and we’ve had the opportunity to grow alongside the myriad possibilities Your.Cloud offers its companies.

For Vancis, this entails the ability to exchange knowledge and best practices with other Your.Cloud companies. This means that both our colleagues and customers are not confined to our individual capabilities but can leverage the collective expertise available across all Your.Cloud companies.

Since our inception, we’ve specialized in highly intricate data center and compute environments. Now, we can extend that expertise and our platform to other Your.Cloud companies. This offers a significant advantage to MSPs within our group that lack a Private Cloud platform for workloads requiring an IaaS technology stack.”

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Vancis is one of the market leaders in IT for education, healthcare and research, and Your.Cloud can help them maintain and expand that position.

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Senior VMware Cloud Engineer

  • Almere
  • MBO
  • Fulltime
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Network Engineer

  • Almere
  • MBO and HBO
  • Fulltime
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System Engineer Backup and Virtualization (Veeam)

  • Almere
  • MBO
  • Fulltime
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