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Korton specializes in providing IT services to clients in both the care and business services industries, with a focus on full outsourcing, the modern workplace, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, XLA and connectivity solutions.



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A Kortonner has heart for our customer and gets out of bed every day for a satisfied customer. Be better every day, is a promise we make to you and to ourselves. With full commitment and conviction we help our customers and put our shoulders to the wheel when necessary. We want to create impact so that you are successful for your customers and its employees.

Our core values are “clear, bold and progressive”. Those are great words, but what do they mean for our client? Within our partnership, we value clear agreements and work in a planned, clear way. Our services are based on modern technology and a conclusive and decisive approach to the new technology and change for the user, progressive. Courageous is when we have setbacks, then we have to be ready for each other.

We are a powerful organization with great knowledge of technology and adaptation. Long term is what we strive for in partnership with our customers. Overcoming adversity together and celebrating successes. Let’s go beyond!


Why Your.Cloud

Why does an entrepreneur choose to join Your.Cloud? What benefits did they see and experience? We asked them:

"Joining Your.Cloud has given us the opportunities to really become the No. 1 healthcare MSP in the Netherlands."


Bastiaan Topper, Managing Director of Korton: “Joining Your.Cloud has given us the opportunities to really become the No. 1 healthcare MSP in the Netherlands. This is because of the capacity to do acquisitions, something that independently was quite distracting from our primary business.

In addition, the huge amount of data that we can all access to make ourselves even better, learn from each other and freely exchange knowledge and experiences is a great benefit for us.

Your.Cloud gives us the freedom and space to undertake and build. We have grown rapidly organically in recent years and have become much more visible to healthcare institutions, which now see us as a serious alternative to the larger healthcare players in the market. Under the wings of a strong parent like Your.Cloud, we will have the ‘body’ needed to take Korton to the next phase of growth.”

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Korton is one of the market leaders in the Dutch IT for care sector, and Your.Cloud can help them maintain and expand on that position.

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Linux Engineer

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