TSH is #1 Managed IT Provider in AETERNUS TOP-25

In a new research report by Aeternus B.V. into the best financially performing Managed IT Providers in the Netherlands, TSH has been ranked number 1. To arrive at this assessment, a number of financial metrics and ratios were examined on the basis of which a final ranking was drawn up. The main reasons for the number one position, according to Aeternus, were the highest efficiency improvement of all companies assessed and the second strongest growth in gross profitability.

Active growth strategy key to success and continuity
For customers of Managed IT Providers, the continuity of its carefully chosen outsourcing partners is crucial for the stability of their own organization. Therefore, the award of this number one position is an important signal to the customers of the various TSH companies that they are part of & working with a financially stable and healthy organization.

TSH maintains an active growth strategy with the support of Strikwerda Investments as an active shareholder with permanent family capital. In this, acquisitions of healthy and customer-oriented managed services providers are an important part of this growth strategy. As a result, TSH has already completed six acquisitions since its foundation (Vancis, NEH, DatacenterNext, Actacom, Missing Piece and ICT Concept), allowing TSH to proudly bear the title “Best Financially Performing Managed IT Provider”.

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO TSH: “I am delighted to receive this title. For us, this is a recognition that TSH’ investment philosophy appeals to many entrepreneurs and the success of these partnerships is visibly reflected in the results. I would therefore like to invite enthusiastic entrepreneurs for a cup of coffee to explore further cooperation with TSH.”

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