TSH offers Solid Partners entrepreneurial platform for growth

Solid Partners, a full-service ICT service provider with a passion for ICT and Telecom, joins TSH. This will accelerate the growth path for customers and employees and provide the opportunity to learn from, and exchange experiences with, the more than 1,200 new TSH colleagues.

"Together with the other companies within TSH we are able to further expand and strengthen our portfolio and position in the market." - Herbert Voordes, CEO Solid Partners

A partner for growth

Solid Partners has offices in Raalte and Deventer and the 45 employees will continue to operate under the well-known and established brand name. The current company has been a familiar name in the Eastern Netherlands since 2001. The enthusiastic employees of Solid Partners shape the ideal set-up of the ICT and Telecom environment for their clients in, among others, the notarial profession, SME, automotive, wholesale and healthcare sectors.

After the 2020 merger, Solid Partners is ready for the next step and was looking for a strategic partner who could help the company reach its next level through cooperation, knowledge sharing and experience. This partner was found in TSH, where entrepreneurship, innovation and dedication are central.


A bright future

Left to right: Herbert Voordes (Solid Partners), Peter van den Bos (Solid Partners), John Reynders (TSH), Robbert de Ruijter (TSH)

Herbert Voordes will stay on as CEO at Solid Partners. CCO Peter van den Bos will step down from Solid Partners.

Voordes sees a bright future for Solid Partners with TSH: “For 23 years Solid Partners and all its colleagues have built a solid foundation that we are all proud of! As a full service ICT service provider, Solid Partners sees TSH as the partner when it comes to knowledge sharing, strength and further growth in the Eastern Netherlands. Together with the other companies within TSH we are able to further expand and strengthen our portfolio and position in the market. We look forward to the cooperation, have confidence in the future and hereby also thank Peter for his contributions!”

Van den Bos looks back on a great time within Solid Partners: “I look back with pleasure on the exciting period in which I built the current Solid Partners together with Herbert and all other colleagues, with pride I take my leave, there is a great organization ready for the next step. I am convinced that Solid Partners has a very bright future ahead of it and wish all involved a wonderful continuation of the journey.”

A sense of homecoming

John Reynders, CEO of TSH, is sure that Solid Partners will quickly feel at home within TSH: “Herbert and Peter have gone through a fantastic journey as entrepreneurs to make Solid Partners the MSP it is today. I have incredible respect for that and I am proud that they decided to join TSH precisely because of that. There is an already wonderful company with a lot of potential, which we can now turn into something great together. The vision of Solid Partners is based on the energy of independent employees, who develop themselves and seize opportunities. This fits perfectly with our entrepreneurial mindset in which we encourage everyone within TSH to seize new opportunities, take ownership, and seek cooperation with each other. I therefore expect that we can learn a lot from each other and that the Solid Partners team will quickly feel at home within our family.”

For more information about Solid Partners, visit www.solidpartners.nl