ICT Concept is ready for new acquisitions to grow

TSH, the leading group of collaboration Dutch ICT-outsourcing companies, acquired a majority stake in ICT Concept. As a part of TSH ICT concept gets access to knowledge and permanent capital to do new acquisitions. This helps accelerate the growth path for customers and employees of ICT Concept, ensuring the long term success of the company.

ICT Concept celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and has grown to become the market leader in the legal sector. Every day, more than 90 committed employees work on professional and innovative ICT solutions for clients in the legal, notarial and the bailiff’s practice.

ICT Concept has been the ICT outsourcing market leader in the legal practice for many years. By working together with other entrepreneurs within TSH, the services of the company can be further expanded while the customer-oriented culture and approach of ICT Concept is fully preserved. For customers, joining TSH as a partner for the next growth phase means that even more innovative solutions will be offered in the future.

René van Schaik, Managing Director: “In recent years, many investment companies, fortune seekers and IT companies have come by to tell their story. All kinds of promises were made, but our own identity and integrity were always at stake. These are values we  stand for and for which we have been working hard over many years. In TSH and Strikwerda Investments we have found a partner who understands us and who shares our vision and strategy.”

Roland van Hierden, Financial Director: “Strikwerda Investments has proven in the past that they do what they stand for, also after the acquisition. With this step, our customer-oriented focus remains guaranteed and we see many opportunities to serve our existing and new customers even better. In addition, TSH, as a strong financial partner, makes it possible to further accelerate the growth of our company through acquisitions.”

Matthieu van Amerongen, CEO of TSH: “As an expert and market leader in the legal sector, ICT Concept is a welcome addition to TSH. We are therefore pleased to further strengthen our market leading position as the ICT outsourcing party in the Netherlands through this acquisition. I look forward to a pleasant and successful cooperation to realize the growth strategy of ICT Concept.”

For TSH, this is the sixth acquisition since its foundation in 2016. In addition to the current strong organic growth, TSH also wants to connect other leading ICT outsourcing companies within the group. A future-proof, intrinsically good company is built together with the entrepreneurs of the acquired companies. Strikwerda Investments, a Dutch family investment fund with a strong track record in the ICT sector, is the majority shareholder in TSH.