Joining forces: Office Connect becomes part of Score Utica

The IJsselmuiden based telecom expert for SMEs Office Connect will become part of Score Utica. Office Connect has worked its way up from 2011 to become a household name in the region and will now join full-service provider Score Utica. The integration means that the customers of Office Connect can use the wide range of services of managed service provider Score Utica in the field of connectivity, telecom and IT. For Score Utica, the acquisition of Office Connect is the third acquisition in a month and a half.

"Expert advice, clear language and accessibility were our guiding principles in this and we also see these reflected at Score Utica." - Danny Hogeboom, departing director of Office Connect

Specialist knowledge

Is it about telecom and connectivity? Then there was only one party for SMEs in the IJsselmuiden region in recent years: Office Connect. Since 2011, the company has been known for its specialist knowledge in this area and, with a close-knit team, serves its customers from the KPN ÉÉN portfolio.

In good hands

Although the name on the facade will change to Score Utica, the IJsselmuiden office and the passionate team will be retained. With the integration, the two board members, Demmy Deetman and Danny Hogeboom will bid farewell to Office Connect after a thorough handover.

“We are extremely proud of the cooperation and reliability we have been able to give our customers over the past years. Expert advice, clear language and accessibility were our guiding principles in this and we also see these reflected at Score Utica. Combined with the possibility to take steps in the IT field, this gives us full confidence that Office Connect and our customers are in good hands,” says Danny Hogeboom, departing director of Office Connect.

Paul Stoffele, Director of Score Utica, adds, “Due to the very similar core values and focus on the KPN ÉÉN portfolio, Office Connect is a perfect fit for Score Utica. Adding our IT proposition to this combination makes the next step a very natural one. It is also a practical advantage that with Score Utica we now also have a physical location in the East of the country. In this way we are further strengthening our national coverage with regional involvement.”

About Score Utica

Score Utica is Strategic Partner of KPN, Microsoft Solutions Partner and a leading Dutch ICT MSP focused on SMEs. Score Utica acts as the one-stop-shop in the field of IT, telecom and connectivity. Originating from a merger between Score Telecom and Utica in 2019, it is part of the TSH platform Total ICT Solutions (TICTS). More information can be found at, and

About Office Connect

Office Connect was founded in 2011, operates from IJsselmuiden and is a reliable and recognizable local (knowledge) partner for SMEs. From the mission to make the complex world of IT and telecom simple, Office Connect has become a household name in the region.