OfficeGrip attracts investor for further growth

Roosendaal, Aug. 2, 2021 - TSH, the leading group of collaborating Dutch ICT outsourcing companies, has acquired a majority stake in Microsoft Cloud expert OfficeGrip. This will give OfficeGrip access to knowledge and permanent capital to shape the next phase of growth and also make acquisitions. This will accelerate the growth path for customers and employees. TSH is a portfolio company of Strikwerda Investments, the leading investor in Dutch ICT companies.

OfficeGrip is "born in the cloud"

In recent years, OfficeGrip has become one of the leading Dutch players in the field of Microsoft 365 Cloud technology. With over 65 employees, OfficeGrip provides professional and innovative Cloud ICT solutions for its customers in the SME sector in the Netherlands.

OfficeGrip is “born in the cloud” and as an organization has always been a forerunner within the Microsoft Cloud domain. By partnering with TSH, OfficeGrip has the opportunity to pursue a long-term buy-and-build strategy with the ambition of becoming the Microsoft 365 Cloud provider for SMBs in the Netherlands.

Mitch Dubbeling and Jacob Jan van der Steur, founders of OfficeGrip: “This step is a logical next phase of growth for our company. Our strategy is to combine organic growth with acquisitions in market segments where we are strong. This will allow us to further expand our portfolio and customer base. We will therefore be looking to expand with ‘born in the cloud’ players, and parties looking for a partner to make this transformation to the cloud. This will allow even more customers to take advantage of OfficeGrip’s proven cloud solutions. Our entire management team will continue in its current role to realize this next step.”

"OfficeGrip has proven that they have a strong generic approach to bring clients to the Microsoft cloud."

Strikwerda Investments (SI) is a family investment company focused on healthy, ambitious, medium and large-sized SMEs. It is a Dutch investment fund with a strong track-record in the ICT sector. SI is the majority shareholder in ICT outsourcing company TSH and will become so in OfficeGrip through this transaction. TSH has a long-term investment horizon and, in addition to its current strong organic growth, intends to have other leading ICT outsourcing companies join the group.

Matthieu van Amerongen, managing director of Strikwerda Investments and CEO of TSH, said, “OfficeGrip has proven that they have a strong generic approach to bring clients to the Microsoft cloud. This approach is applicable for any type of SME, making OfficeGrip a strong pillar for our growth in various market segments. In addition, it gives the other companies within TSH the opportunity to benefit from the partnership. Mitch and Jacob are a welcome addition to our team of ambitious entrepreneurs.”

“With the affiliation of OfficeGrip with TSH, two strong entrepreneurs join us. Mitch Dubbeling and Jacob Jan van der Steur have already established a great company and can accelerate even further in the new setting,” said Mark van Beusekom, partner of consulting firm Hogenhouck m&a, who guided both entrepreneurs in this successful transaction.

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