TSH expands services in legal domain through acquisition of Xinno

Amstelveen, December 3, 2021 - TSH, the leading group of collaborating Dutch ICT outsourcing companies, has acquired a majority stake in Xinno. This will give Xinno access to knowledge and economies of scale of the TSH group to realize the next phase of growth. TSH is a portfolio company of Strikwerda Investments, the leading investor in Dutch ICT companies.

High service level and state of the art solutions

Xinno was founded in 2009 by Ramon van den Heuvel and Michiel van Delden and has a strong presence in the Amsterdam region with IT solutions in the legal profession. Key to its success is the in-depth knowledge of the business process within the legal profession, combined with a high service level and state of the art solutions. Through proper knowledge of the specific end user, Xinno is able to provide reliable online workplaces that are extremely flexible so their clients can work safely and carefree.

Ramon van den Heuvel: “The past years have brought us a lot, more than 10 years of steady growth has led to a solid position as ICT service provider, especially in the legal profession. In order to support our clients even better in completely relieving them of their IT-related problems, we started looking for a strategic partner that would enable us to increase our scale and broaden our range of services. With TSH, we have found a party that provides a platform in which Xinno can take the next step in serving its customers who are used to a high level of service. With TSH, we see promising opportunities to continue supporting legal professionals as the best specialist in the rapidly changing world of automation.”

"The past years have brought us a lot, more than 10 years of steady growth has led to a solid position as ICT service provider, especially in the legal profession."

Xinno will continue to serve its customers with its own label and will be facilitated by TSH to expand and specialize its range of services. TSH already has a majority stake in ICT Concept, which also operates in the legal vertical for ICT services. By expanding Xinno’s service offering, TSH strengthens its position in the legal domain. This allows TSH to even better fulfill its deeply rooted knowledge and specific market needs.

TSH includes Vancis, NEH, Missing Piece, Actacom, ICT Concept and The Sourcing Company which focuses on specific verticals as well as OfficeGrip which, as a modern Microsoft workplace specialist, focuses on business services in particular. TSH is a platform of family investment firm Strikwerda Investments that focuses on healthy, ambitious, medium and large-sized SMEs. It is a Dutch investment fund with a strong track-record in the ICT sector. SI is majority shareholder in ICT-outsourcing company TSH and will become so in Xinno through this transaction. TSH has a long-term investment horizon and, in addition to its current strong organic growth, wants other leading ICT-outsourcing companies to join the group.

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