TSH off to a flying start of 2024 with acquisition of KNNS & nxtoffice

The new year starts well for Nijmegen-based IT companies KNNS & nxtoffice: they become part of TSH, one of the fastest growing MSP organizations in the Netherlands. KNNS & nxtoffice are a combination of KNNS, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a focus on Microsoft services and nxtoffice, a one-stop-shop for (hardware) solutions at the office.

"We have now reached the point where we are ready for the "next step," and with TSH on board as an experienced, ambitious partner, we are going to make quick work of that." - Coert Tempelman, Managing Director KNNS & nxtoffice

The combination, consisting of over 50 employees, will gain access to new growth opportunities and insights with TSH, as well as the opportunity to share experiences with the more than 1,200 colleagues from the 18 other TSH companies. KNNS & nxtoffice will continue to operate under the familiar and established name from their office in Nijmegen, led by director Coert Tempelman and his management team.

Shared values and attention to quality

Logo KNNS & nxtofficeKNNS & nxtoffice value quality and attention to detail in everything the company does. This fits perfectly with the ambitions and values of TSH, where optimal customer and employee experience are paramount. Therefore, the combination of KNNS & nxtoffice and TSH is a clear example of like-minded people strengthening each other by working together.

Coert Tempelman, Managing Director KNNS & nxtoffice: “Because we know how to combine experience and quality, we surprise customers time and again with our IT services & solutions for the ideal workplace. The talented team at KNNS & nxtoffice has worked hard in recent years to achieve this. We have now reached the point where we are ready for the “next step,” and with TSH on board as an experienced, ambitious partner, we are going to make quick work of that. Together with the other companies within TSH, we form a powerful front in the market and can accelerate. We greatly look forward to having other organizations join TSH and make our growth ambitions a reality.”

During a pleasant and informal introduction day, KNNS & nxtoffice employees were introduced to TSH

Boundless ambition

According to TSH CEO John Reynders, KNNS & nxtoffice are a wonderful addition to the rapidly growing group of MSPs: “From all the conversations we had with KNNS & nxtoffice leading up to this moment, we noticed that we had the same goal in mind. Namely to grow and accelerate without losing quality. This is what also appeals to me so much in these organizations, the eye for detail and customer focus with which this team works, with the ambition to deliver a Michelin star experience as an MSP. We recognize in Coert and his team the most important of our values; dedication, entrepreneurship and innovation. Proof of this lies in the tremendous growth the two companies have experienced together, and the transformation into high-value service providers that has accompanied it. The new colleagues from KNNS & nxtoffice are a fantastic addition to our ambitious family of MSPs, and I am sure that together we can move mountains and grow further.”