New chapter: Score Utica welcomes VST ICT & Telecom

VST ICT & Telecom, the KPN Excellence Partner from Veenendaal, with focus and expertise on the KPN ÉÉN portfolio, joins Score Utica (Part of the TSH platform for telecom & ICT companies TICTS). As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for SMEs, Score Utica offers a complete one-stop shop service in the areas of IT, telecom and connectivity.

"To bring VST one step further, the cooperation with Score Utica is a very logical one."

Customer needs

VST is a familiar face in Veenendaal and surroundings. With a team of 9 specialists they serve their customers with the complete KPN ÉÉN service. From that expertise VST has become a highly appreciated and renowned partner of KPN. By combining the customer-oriented DNA of VST with that of Score Utica, a strong synergy is created that matches what the market is asking for: one supplier for IT, telecom and connectivity. In addition, within this cooperation all knowledge, skills and resources are available to be prepared for future developments. Think, for example, of the integration of AI within the cloud workplace or the integration of the telephone switchboard within Microsoft Teams.

Next step

Wim van Silfhout is stepping down from VST as managing director. “To bring VST one step further, the cooperation with Score Utica is a very logical one. I hereby conclude a great adventure of which I am very proud. Furthermore, I am very happy that the current management with Amber van Silfhout, Rien van de Kaa and Cynthia van den Top remain on board as the trusted faces for our great team and our customers. I am very confident about the next phase in which VST will continue to grow and develop together with Score Utica.”

“With VST we have found a party that, like us, is customer-oriented and ambitious. We have a shared focus on KPN services and quality for the customer. Added to a talented and committed team that fits our vision perfectly. VST has built a wonderful reputation with local commitment. I love that we can now build on this by making customers happy with our IT services as well,” adds Paul Stoffele, director at Score Utica.

As part of Score Utica, VST will continue to operate from the Veenendaal office.


About Score Utica

Score Utica is Strategic Partner of KPN, Microsoft Solutions Partner and a leading Dutch ICT MSP focused on SMEs. Score Utica acts as the one-stop-shop partner in the field of IT, telecom and connectivity. Originating from a merger between Score Telecom and Utica in 2019, it is part of the TSH platform Total ICT Solutions (TICTS). For more information, visit and and


About VST

VST was founded in 2009 by Wim van Silfhout and over the past decade has become a reliable (knowledge) partner for SMEs when it comes to cloud services for telephony, internet and ICT.