TSH launching partner of Dutch Cybersecurity Assembly - 7 values for improving cybersecurity

We are proud to announce that today the Dutch Cybersecurity Assembly has launched its SECURE7 guidelines for improving cybersecurity, in a close collaboration between MSP's, Dutch Government institutions and the SME market. As one of the launching partners, TSH contributed to the establishment of these guidelines, the 7 values MSP's embrace to secure and protect their clients.

The Dutch Cybersecurity Assembly (DCA), a partnership of diverse public and private organizations and agencies, is introducing the DCA SECURE7′ to further enhance digital security in the Netherlands. DCA SECURE7 offers a set of seven basic measures designed to support companies and IT providers in improving their cyber resilience.

With the SECURE7 program, companies and IT providers can communicate their commitment to digital security to users, customers, partners and suppliers. This initiative aims to draw national attention to the importance of increased digital security and provides a uniform method to make companies’ commitment in this area visible. The SECURE7 focuses on providing practical tools for organizations to achieve a basic level of cyber resilience.

Measures SECURE7 :

  1. Inventory vulnerabilities
  2. Prevent viruses and malware
  3. Restore your business operations
  4. Choose secure settings
  5. Perform updates
  6. Restrict access
  7. Training and education

By implementing SECURE7, we contribute to a standardized approach and visibility of digital security measures, supported by a broad spectrum of experts and agencies within the Dutch cybersecurity sector,” said initiators Hans ten Hove, VP Continental Europe at Datto/Kaseya and Witold Kepinski, Director Content Dutch IT Media. The development of SECURE7 is the result of the efforts of several organizations, including Cyberveilig Nederland, NLdigital, the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Display (DIVD), Digital Trust Center (DTC), Dutch Cloud Community (DCC), Datto, TSH , Futureproof Group, Hello, Dutch IT Channel & Dutch IT Leaders

More information is available at https://www.dutch-cybersecurity-assembly.nl/