TSH Brands customers communicate with greater certainty thanks to strategic partnership between TSH and Aangetekend

Safe communication is the basis of (legal) security. That is why TSH, one of the fastest growing MSP organizations in the Netherlands and Aangetekend BV (Part of Confido) have entered into a strategic partnership in which all Brands in the TSH portfolio will be able to offer the services of Aangetekend to their customers.

"The services of Aangetekend allow us to let our customers communicate securely and confidently in a way that is user-friendly for both sender and recipient." - Joris Dierick, CEO / CFO TSH

Confidence in who is on the other side

In digital communications, when sharing confidential or valuable data, it is important to be sure that the recipient has received the documents sent, that they have been sent securely, or that when signing an agreement, the signatory has been validated. Aangetekend is the only party in the Netherlands to be eIDAS, qTSP, and qERDS qualified. These European standards guarantee a series of verification mechanisms and standards by which the sender and receiver can always be sure who is on the other side of the screen.

Importance for cybersecurity and legal certainty

Joris Dierick, CEO / CFO of TSH sees a huge opportunity for all of TSH’ Brands to add value to their customers’ trust in digital communication solutions with the new services: “Our customers often work with digital data that by law, or because you just appreciate the sense of security of it yourself, must be sent in a confidential and verifiable manner. The solutions of Aangetekend are actively and successfully deployed in many verticals to send messages secured and, where necessary, legally signed. Consider verticals such as Legal, Credit Management, Automotive, Healthcare, Government, Financial and more. Aangetekend’s broad portfolio of services enables us to allow our customers to communicate securely and securely in a way that is tremendously user-friendly for both sender and recipient.”

Unique position

Philip Voogt, founder and Commercial Director of Aangetekend also sees increasing demand for Aangetekend’s services: “We are in a fairly unique position as Aangetekend. Because we have spent a lot of time getting our services properly certified, we can offer a solution that provides the right legal certainty combined with high-quality security for every sector in the Netherlands. We are very excited about the cooperation with the TSH companies, because they mostly serve customers who can take full advantage of our solutions because of their business. For example, they will soon be able to have customers validly digitally sign agreements, send e-mails with the same legal validity as registered mail, and also send e-mails with extra security layers so that only the intended recipient can open the content. The partnership thus provides new opportunities for TSH companies’ customers to make their business processes more secure and innovative, and enables TSH Brands to provide more value to their customers.”

Interested in learning more about this partnership or TSH and Aangetekend’s services? If so, please feel free to contact us.