Your.Cloud (formerly TSH) market leader in ICT for Dutch hospitality sector after joining of VSA

Specialist in ICT for the hospitality sector VSA joins Your.Cloud (Formerly TSH). The MSP from Assen takes this step to continue to grow thanks to the knowledge and experience available within Your.Cloud and to further accelerate its European ambitions shared with Your.Cloud. VSA is the sixth MSP this year to become part of Your.Cloud.

"I am looking forward to working with the other Your.Cloud companies to strengthen our position. This is the right step to be ready for the future." - Patrick Vaatstra, General Director of VSA

VSA has been working with nearly 30 employees for some of Europe’s best-known hotel chains for over 25 years. Its promises of convenience, safety and security resonate in everything the Assen-based MSP does for its customers and employees. Joining the fastest growing MSP family in the Netherlands gives VSA the opportunity to further align its portfolio of services with the rapidly changing demands of the market, for example in the areas of cybersecurity and AI. VSA will continue to operate under the familiar and established name under the unchanged daily management of Managing Director Patrick Vaatstra.

Growing in Europe

Patrick Vaatstra (VSA), Sjors Brul (Sbit / Your.Cloud), John Reynders (Your.Cloud) Stijn van den Brink (Your.Cloud)

An important reason for VSA to join Your.Cloud is the shared ambition to grow further in Europe. Patrick Vaatstra therefore believes that becoming part of Your.Cloud is going to be a valuable impetus for the growth of his organization: “I am looking forward to working with the other Your.Cloud companies to strengthen our position. This is the right step to be ready for the future.”

Sjors Brul, CEO of sector partner Sbit Hospitality ICT Services is looking forward to the cooperation: “With VSA we welcome a great specialized organization within Your.Cloud, with a focus on a sector in which we are now market leader together with Sbit. This means that through the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, together we can realize even better services for our customers in the hospitality sector.

A warm welcome

John Reynders, CEO of Your.Cloud, expects VSA to receive a warm welcome within the group: “From the initial discussions with VSA, it quickly became clear that we would be a good match. We looked at the future in a similar way, and have the same values of dedication, entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of everything we do. But if there is one thing I think we as Your.Cloud can learn from companies like VSA, it is the commitment to experience as a differentiator. After all, as Your.Cloud, we don’t just want to become the #1 MSP in Europe: we want to do that by focusing strongly on customer experience and employee experience. That’s why I think VSA and the way they can help provide their customers with an optimal, welcoming experience will fit in very well with Your.Cloud’s vision.”

Financial details of the transaction are not being disclosed.